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Some- times I get caught watching the late night commercials that try and sell products to see if anything looks worth wild. I recently saw one that is trying to sell a painting brush that can supposedly paint a whole room without any other tools. Well, except the paint and the pan. Throughout the commercial it seems like it might actually be good, then when I am about to be sold it says we will throw in a lifetime supply of the product for the same price. Right then and there that says to me that the product is cheap and they are desperate for sales. I think the commercial would have been more powerful without trying to give a lifetime supply for so cheap, also maybe commercials should start including the shipping in the price instead in small print below the price. Sometimes the shipping and handling is almost as much as the product. Some of the key elements I plan on using when doing a presentation in front of a future boss are to make sure I know my audience, this is important to be able to build rapport with them. Another element I will use is wording that everybody will understand, I also plan on using plenty of graphics and visuals to keep my audience interested.


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