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COM 101 WEEK 6 DISCUSSION "Managing Conflict" Please respond to the following: • Your bags are packed for a family vacation to Jamaica, and you leave in three days. There is no way that you can get a refund since you purchased your airfare and hotel through a special offer on a travel website. Your co-worker calls out of work for one week, saying her child has the flu and she can’t come to work because she has no one to watch her child. Your supervisor says you have to cover that co-worker's shift AGAIN for the fourth time in two months. Unfortunately, if you cover the shift you will miss your vacation, and you will lose the money you spent on it. • How would you manage this job conflict, and why? Do you: o Avoid your supervisor and call out sick o Collaborate with your supervisor to come up with a solution o Accommodate your supervisor and skip your vacation NOTE: MORE THAN ONE ANSWER POSTED CHOOSE ANY
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Last month I experienced something similar. The clinic I work for allows only two employees to be out at a time for vacation. If someone calls out, they (management) change the location a person works in. At that point overtime goes into effect. My daughter was graduating from basic military training for the Airforce last month. There were already 4 people out on the schedule. I didn't request to take the time off, because the week was already taken by two of my co-workers. I knew that management was likely to tell me no. So, I called out for two days just to be in Texas for my daughter. I am well aware that I put an even bigger strain on the department. There was no way I was going to miss out on a lovely moment such as that. 

I would collaborate with the supervisor to come up with a solution. We can work to find away to spread the work responsibilities throughout the department. I can also suggest to help with some of the pe