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History of colonial Mexico beginning with Hernan Cortes, and the treatment of Mexican indigenous population by the Spanish invadors. three sources cited

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Colonialism and the Indigenes


In the early 16th century, Hernan Cortes began his ultimate expedition to what is today Mexico. The conquest of Mesoamerica might have not even happened if it was not for the breakage of Asian – European trade during the 15th century due to political turmoil caused by the expansion of the Ottoman Empire (Oxford History of Mexico 12). West Europe, in desperation of new trading locations, sent out expeditions and continued to force its way back into the Asian market. The bubonic plague, which arrived with the imported wheat to Europe, along with small pox and influenza pandemic drastically cut down the European population and put the countries into social and economic turmoil. Fewer and fewer heirs were produced to the European thrones, and crop harvesting suffered drawbacks because of inadequate handling and infestations (Oxford History of Mexico 15).


            In 1519 Cortes was chosen as the leader of a rebel faction of one of the expeditions that was supposed to be stationed in Cuba. On the territory of today's Mexico, he created a municipality, today known as Veracruz, in ord