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A.Problem Analysis


Problem Statement: Design a program that will allow a user to Input a list of their family members along with their age and state where they reside. Determine and output the average age of their family and output the names of anyone who lives in Texas.


The program is to calculate the total average of the family age wise and determine their location with only printing out those members that are from Texas. The program will take inputs from the user who will input the name, age and location of each family member. The program will take the years of all members entered and add them all together and then take the total of members entered and divide the total coming up with the average age. The program will also calculate and identify each state of each person entered and using the defined input identifies those people from Texas and prints their names out only. The output of the program is three fold. The total average age of all family entries, identify who is from Texas and print their name out.

Required Output: 

•Average age of all persons entered

•Printed name of person(s) from Texas ONLY

Required Input: 

•Name of person

•Age of person

•State of where person came from


The program will take inputs and calculate the average of all of the ages entered, identify which persons are from Texas and print their name.

An array will be used to hold the data for calculating who comes from Texas

First of all, user will be prompted to input number of family members. Then user will be asked to enter name, age and state of family members in a sentinel loop. In each iteration, user inputted values will be stored in respective arrays locations. Also the ages will be added. 

Following formula will be used to calculate average age

AverageAge = SumAge / NumberOfMembers


Next loop will run as many times as number of family members. Inside this loop state array will be check to see if it has value ‘Texas’. If so, the corresponding name array value will be printed.


Formula Used and Sample Input/Output:


The average age can be calculated by dividing the total age of all persons from the number of members. So, formula will be

AverageAge = SumAge / NumberOfMembers

Example input/output below:

*Entry in bold are user input

•Enter number of family members: 3

•Enter family member name: John

•Enter family member age: 25

•Enter family member state: New York

•Enter family member name: Michael

•Enter family member age: 55

•Enter family member state: Texas

•Enter family member name: Maria

•Enter family member age: 50

•Enter family member state: Texas


Average Age = 43.33

Members who lives in Texas

Michael lives in Texas

Maria lives in Texas


Array data:


•Name [0] = John

•Age[0] =  25

•State[0] = “New York”

•Name [1]=Michael

•Age [1]=55

•State [1]=Texas

•Name [2]=Maria

•Age [2]=50

•State [2]=Texas


Calculating Average Age:


•NumberOfMembers = 3

•SumAge  = Age[0] + Age [1] + Age [2] = 25 + 55 +50 = 130

•AverageAge = SumAge  / NumberOfMembers = 130 / 3 = 43.3


Printing those who live in Texas

Loop from i=0 to NumberOfMembers-1

If State[i] = “Texas”

Display Name[i], “lives in Texas”

End if

End For


•State[1] is equal to Texas thus: 

•WRITE Name[1] “lives in Texas”


•State[2] is equal to Texas thus:

•WRITE Name[2] “lives in Texas”


Variables Used:

Sr. No.Variable NameDefault ValueDescriptionData TypeModule ReferencedScope

1.MAX_PERSONS100MAX_PERSONS is maximum array size (User can enter details of 100 members).IntegerMainLocal

2.NumberOfMembers0integer to count number of family membersIntegerInput, Process, OutputLocal

3.Name100array to store names of family membersStringInput, OutputLocal

4.Age100array to store ages of family membersIntegerInput, Process, OutputLocal

5.State100array to store states of family membersStringInput, OutputLocal

6.AverageAge0store average age of family membersIntegerProcess, OutputLocal

7.SumAge  0store addition of ages of family membersIntegerProcessLocal

8.Index0Loop variableIntegerProcess, OutputLocal




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