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Appendix D


Club IT, Part 2



To learn more about Club IT’s operations, you stayed until the 2:00 a.m. closing this morning to see how everything was tallied and accounted at the end of a business day. Although it was a late night and you had to wake up early this morning to report back to work, you now have a better understanding of the daily business cycle at Club IT. You are energized when Lisa asks you for suggestions on how to use club and public resources to keep Club IT’s edge as the high-energy, high-impact club it strives to be.

The Internet research you have been doing for Lisa and Ruben has been eye-opening, but it is also exasperatingly slow on their dialup connection in their cramped back office. You have a lot of ideas for useful network applications at Club IT. There are many opportunities for discovery and collaboration among employees, members and business partners. You decide to take the initiative and research network applications for the benefit of Club IT.


You have interviewed Ruben and the rest of the staff at Club IT and have compiled the following notes: 


  • Club IT’s customers are mostly Net Generation and Millennials. They regularly use mobile technologies such as Blackberries, PDAs, camera phones, and other wireless communication devices. Online shopping is a regular part of their lives.


  • Not many nightclubs have taken advantage of various e-commerce activities, and Ruben sees this as an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in dealing with suppliers and guests. Ruben asks you to identify some new e-commerce technologies and applications to help build Club IT’s clientele and community and to make their business processes more efficient.


  • Currently, Club IT sells advance tickets for special Friday and Saturday night concerts by phone or in person.  Ruben would like to set up a Web site to sell tickets so guests can have self-serve access any time.


There are opportunities for streamlining the ordering process through B2B e-commerce; for example, Sysco, the largest restaurant supplier in North America, has an extensive Web site with many online products and services for small and large food and beverage operations.

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