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Three Specific Ways, in which the Nursing Conceptual Model of, Martha Rogers can be used to Improve Nursing.

Martha E. Rogers’ nursing theory of “Science of Unitary Human Being” consists of eight concepts namely: energy field, openness, pattern, pan-dimensionality, homodynamic principles, resonance, helicy, and integrality. Understanding these concepts is the beginning for direct guidance into the practice of nursing. They provide a different explanation for the metaparadign concepts of person, health, environment, and nursing.

Thus according to the Rogers’ theory, a person is “defined as an indivisible, pan-dimensional energy field identified by pattern, and manifesting characteristics specific to the whole and that can't be predicted from knowledge of the parts”. A person is also “a unified whole, having its own distinct characteristics that can't be viewed by looking at, describing, or summarizing the parts”. In the same vein, Rogers defines health as an expression of the life process. It is the manifestation of the “mutual, simultaneous interaction of the human and environmental fields”. Thus, health and illness are considered part of the same continuum.

Therefore to prepare nurses to utilize Roger’s model would entail a “nursing curriculum that teaches and practices therap