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1.      Community policing of today is much improved and always adapting to stay ahead of the corrupt elements of society, i.e. groups of street people would gather around the city hall, this intimidated many law abiding citizens, so in order not to disregard their rights there was a decision made by someone to play undesirable music at an elevated level, this tactic did work very effectively, and no more has been heard of the problem for some time now. I assume they will be back with their blankets and pillows, but unless they like the music I would bet that they will move on to a more reasonable place. It's not that they were bad, just intimidating. I would assume that this idea was discussed by a group made up to do better for the community; this is just one small but effective solution. I do not think it would be wise to go back to the way the era used to be, because there is a reason they changed it in the first place. They should have learned from there mistakes.

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