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CJHS 400 Week 4 Systems and Multicultural Approaches Paper (***** 4 Pages + APA Format + Conclusion + Original + References *****) Read the four case studies in the University of Phoenix Material: Systems and Multicultural Case Studies located on the student website. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that integrates all four case studies. Address the following in your paper: • Define systems theory. • Define multicultural approaches • Compare each case study by doing the following: o Identify the approaches—systems, multicultural, or a combination of both—you would use for each case study. o Describe why one approach would work for one case and not for other cases. • Explain the value of systems and multicultural theories. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Systems and Multicultural Case Studies Read the following four case studies to complete the Systems and Multicultural Approaches Paper due in Week Four. Aging Juan is a 78-year-old male who is recently widowed. He has four children, all of whom live far from him. He is very lonely and wants a job, but has not worked for the last 10 years. He was trained as a landscape architect and helped to design the parks and recreational areas for five cities. He wants to work with a local community center, but was told that he is just not aware enough of local trends to be helpful. Recently, he has received multiple charges of solicitation and is concerned that he may be seen negatively because of his age when his charges come to trial. Gay/ Lesbian David is a 22-year-old male who works for a local gym as a personal trainer. He recently ended a relationship with Jason, a man he met at work. Jason is threatening to “out” him if he does not stay in the relationship. Eric is worried that he will be forced to quit his job due to potential bias from his work colleagues. In addition, he has an outstanding warrant for possession with intent to distribute narcotics. He is worried about his possible treatment in jail if other inmates find out he is gay. Religious Layla is a 51-year-old female who is Muslim. She has just been sentenced to 30 days in jail following theft charges. She is committed to her religion and is concerned about being targeted because of her religious beliefs. She also is concerned about her dietary restrictions and her ability to pray while incarcerated. Gender Jasmine is a 32-year-old incarcerated female with a significant history of physical and mental trauma. She was physically and sexually abused by an older man while she was growing up. As a result, she has flash backs when touched by men. She has been labeled as noncompliant while incarcerated. She seems to do well when approached by female corrections officers or when males explain what they are doing and why. Systems and Multicultural Case Studies CJHS/400 Version 1
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