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CJHS 400 Week 1 Assignment Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Treatment Timeline (***** Included PDF File and Word files of Timeline *****) Resource: Timeline Builder located on the student website or another program of your choice to create a timeline. https://ecampus.phoenix.edu/secure/aapd/Materials/IP/curriculum/social-sciences/SEC470/TimelineBuilder/Timeline.html Select 5 to 8 influential historical and world events concerning psychotherapy and therapeutic treatment. Use Timeline Builder to create a timeline detailing the events you selected. Include the following in your timeline: • Date of the event • Description of the event • How the event relates to the history of psychotherapy and therapeutic techniques • Prevalent psychotherapy theories and concepts related to the event • Theorists associated with the event, if any Format your timeline consistent with APA guidelines.
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(***** Included PDF File and Wo