CJA394-Operational Trends Impacting Policing and Potential Changes in Law - 7602

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  • What are the various developmental and operational trends impacting policing? How do past, current, and future trends impact the development and operations of policing organizations? What recommendations would you make to improve the overall development and operations of the policing field?


  • What is organizational management as it applies to policing? How does organizational management, administration, and operational procedures impact the effectiveness of policing organizations? How can we innovate and improve the management and administrative processes and procedures to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of policing organizations?


  • What are the various organizational police functions (local, state, federal)? How do the various functional levels of policing differ from one another? What distinctions can be made about each? Is there a better solution to the way the current system(s) operate at each level? Explain.


  • Give an example of potential changes in the law. How will these changes to laws impact the field of policing, as well as the other areas of the criminal justice system? What recommendations would you make to adapt to these changes in order to be effective? Explain.
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