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CJA/384 Week 5 DQ’s 1,2,3 (*****APA Format + References *****)


CJA 384 Week 5 DQ 1

1.  Were you surprised to read in the materials that practically all the recent U.S. presidents have had some ties to people with organized crime connections? Is this a necessity for politicians to at least have connections with people in organized crime to raise money to run their races? What implications do these ties have to how the country is governed? 


CJA 384 Week 5 DQ 2


2.  The text talks about organized crime in labor and business. The section about unions speaks of the enormous infiltration by organized crime into unions. What is your perception of this? As the strength of unions has declined in the United States in recent years, is organized crime less involved? Are there redeeming qualities of unions? What is the future of unions in the U.S.? Why are the unions such an easy target for organized crime?


CJA 384 Week 5 DQ 3


3.  The text talks about the huge business collapses like Enron and the savings and loan debacles. The collapse of the mortgage industry last year is another example. Do you think these are examples of individual greed and criminal acts by the leader of these organizations or are they examples of organized crime at work? 


CJA 384 Week 5 Discussion Questions 1

CJA 384 Week 5 Discussion Questions 2

CJA 384 Week 5 Discussion Questions 3

CJA/384 Week 5 Discussion Questions



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