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CJA 364 Week 4 DQ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (***** 5 Pages + APA Format + References *****)


CJA364 Week 4 DQ 1

Provide an example of self-incrimination as it relates to the Miranda decision. How does the U.S. Constitution protect against self-incrimination? What would happen if there was no protection against self-incrimination? How has the Miranda decision influenced the criminal justice system?

                                    CJA364 Week 4 DQ 2


What is a lawyer’s role, and how does it influence the criminal justice system? What would happen if lawyers were not part of the criminal justice process?


 CJA364 Week 4 DQ 3


What is right to counsel? Explain when the right to counsel attaches, and when it does not apply. How has the right to counsel influenced the criminal justice system? What changes to right to counsel would you suggest? Why?


                                    CJA364 Week 4 DQ 4


Do you agree with the Gideon v. Wainwright decision where the Supreme Court held that criminal defendants accused of felony charges are entitled to an appointed attorney if they cannot afford to hire one? Explain your position.


                                    CJA364 Week 4 DQ 5


What is eyewitness identification? How do eyewitness identification procedures affect the systematic procedures of the criminal justice process? Explain the dangers of eyewitness identification. How can you improve eyewitness identification procedures to assure greater accuracy? Explain.


Right to Counsel Discussion Questions

CJA 364 Week 4 DQ’s

CJA364 Week 4 DQ

CJA/364 Week 4 DQ

CJA364 Week 4 Discussion Question



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