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Answer each of the following questions in 350- to 700-word responses. Use recent or precedent-setting court cases to support each response.


·         What are the elements of a crime? How do the elements of a crime apply to the overall criminal procedure process? What recommendations would you make to better define or improve understanding of elements of a crime?


·         What are the various legal defenses that are used? How does each of these defenses apply in court and in the overall criminal procedure? How may people ensure that accurate legal defenses are being used in the criminal court system? Provide examples for each type of defense.

·         What are the typical steps in the process that lead to an arrest after a crime has been committed? Analyze how decisions influence the outcome and determine who makes those decisions when lawbreaking leads to arrest. Provide an explanatory scenario in which a law is broken, analyze the option at each decision point, and predict potential outcomes.

·         What is the adversarial system as it applies to courts in the United States? Describe alternative systems currently in use. Evaluate the adversarial system in terms of judges, prosecutors, defendants, and victims.

·         Based on the research conducted individually by team members, what are the most significant differences in the criminal processes among states?


Format your responses consistent with APA guidelines.

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 It is safe to make the assumption that everyone understands that within the United States, the legal system that was established was designed to protect its citizens. This system is composed of laws and rules within a system that regulates what the citizens are allowed to do and what the citizens are not allowed to do for the citizens’ individual safety and the safety of others. In this paper, a discussion of several questions that pertain to the criminal justice system will take place. An explanation of what the elements of crime are will occur. A determination of how the fundamentals of law breaking pertain to the general illegitimate practice process will be supplied. Suggestions, which are believed from an individual standpoint, may make the definition or improve the understanding of elements of what is considered to be a crime will be presented.

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