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Complete a 12-15 slide PowerPoint presentation, WITH speaker notes, discussing:


·         How do subcultures affect life in prison? How are they formed?

·         What causes prison violence? How are prison subcultures related to violent behavior?

·         What are the issues facing today’s prisons in terms of dealing with special  populations such as homosexuals, females, geriatrics, or mentally ill prisoners?


Use and cite at least 3 academic sources.  Use the CWE resources to identify how to cite sources in a PowerPoint.  

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On a regular basis the experience of the inmates are influenced by the officials and formal organization, depending on these key factors can determine how positive or negative the experience of the inmates will be. There are attitudes, beliefs, values, and factors of this nature that affect the inmates and make up the prison subculture. The prison subculture is different of that of society’s there is so much that inmates have to deal with especial

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