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CJA 394 Week 3 Assignments and DQ's (****** APA Format + References + As Discussed *****)

CJA 394 Week 3 Assignment Court Issues Analysis (**** 1188 Words+ APA Format+ Conclusion+ References*****)


Individual Assignment: Court Issues Analysis


Write a 1,050-1,400-word analysis in which you identify the current and future issues facing courts and court administrators today. In your analysis be sure to discuss the following areas:

·       Discuss future management issues and trends regarding language interpretation services.

·       Assess the past, present, and future impact that victim rights laws have on court proceedings.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


CJA394 CJA/394 CJA 394 Week 3 Individual Assignment Court Issues Analysis Paper



CJA394 Week 3 Court Management Executive Summary (***** 788 Words + APA Format + Abstract + Conclusion + References *****)





Write a 350-700-word executive summary in which you articulate court purposes and responsibilities and the importance of strategic planning and vision as foundations of successful court management. Additionally, appraise the impact of court consolidation and restructuring on future court processes and responsibilities as part of court management efforts and responsibilities.



CJA394 CJA/394 CJA 394 Week 3 Learning Team Court Management Executive Summary



CJA 394 Week 3 DQ's (***** 3 Pages + APA Format + References *****)





                                             CJA 394 Week 3 DQ 1


What are the laws reflecting victim rights? How do the past, present, and future victim rights laws impact court proceedings? What would happen if victim rights laws did not exist? Explain.


                                           CJA 394 Week 3 DQ 2


Where does court consolidation differ from court restructuring? How does court consolidation and restructuring affect future process, responsibilities, and operations of the courts system within the criminal justice system? What would happen in consolidation and restructuring did not occur in the courts system(s) within the criminal justice system? Explain.


CJA 394 CJA/394 CJA394 Week 3 Discussion Questions



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