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CJA 394 Week 1 DQ’s 1 and 2 (***** APA Format + References *****)


CJA 394 Week 1 DQ1

Give an example of a contemporary law that was not needed twenty years ago. How does this issue impact the criminal justice system? How have personnel in the criminal justice system (courts, legislators or law enforcement) adapted to this change? Explain.


CJA 394 Week 1 DQ2

With modern technology, more and more police departments are using “Predictive Policing Programs” to combat crime. Can personnel in the criminal justice system accurately and effectively ensure that individual rights are not impeded when such technology is used? What changes would you recommend to ensure that “Predictive Policing Programs” are not abused by law enforcement personnel? Explain.



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CJA 394 Week 1 DQ

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