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Social Disorganization

The study of the causes of criminal behavior and delinquency has been around for many years. Many of the theories revolve around that many criminals are a product of their environment. The social disorganization theory is not much different than those theories in that aspect. Social disorganization can be described as the inability of a group of people living amongst each other who cannot or will not get along mainly because of their cultural differences. These cultural differences mainly occur in the poverty-stricken areas, where criminal behavior has even more room to thrive.

Relation to Organized Crime

Social disorganization and organized crime can be linked in many ways depending on the theory being used. With social disorganizations theory that criminal behavior starts in the community and a reflection of the people’s surroundings, areas with large cultural differences and poverty are perfect breeding grounds for organized crime. Areas that have a population of mostly poor residents are more likely to have criminal activity such as drugs, theft, and gangs. With crimes starting and spreading in these areas they turn into a way of l