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CJA384 Week 2 DQ’s 1, 2 and 3 (*****APA Format + References *****)

CJA 384 Week 2 DQ 1


Are there unique characteristics or personality traits that people who become involved in organized crime share? Are there differences between people who are “born into” o.c. through family connections and those who do not have these family connections? Do you think people aspire as children or young people to become involved in o.c.? Why or why not?



CJA 384 Week 2 DQ 2


British sociologists Taylor, Walton, and Young believe there is an anomie that helps explain U.S. organized crime in that the "American Dream" says everyone can succeed, but the practical reality is that different groups in society have largely varying opportunities to succeed. Do you agree with this premise? Do you agree or disagree that this helps explain organized crime in the U.S.?



CJA 384 Week 2 DQ 3


For this discussion question, I want you to assume the role of a judge who is sentencing a defendant for the crime of Reckless Homicide. This charge carries a range of two to eight years. You can suspend any portion of the sentence or order the defendant to serve all or any portion of the sentence in prison. The defendant is a 28 year old man, married with two small children. He has plead guilty to Reckless Homicide without a specific agreement on the sentence. The facts are that the defendant shot and killed a man who was also armed. The defendant is the son of a well-known Russian Mafia leader. The defendant has no criminal record. The police were called to the scene of a restaurant where the defendant had shot the decedent (the dead guy). The decedent had a long criminal record and the police believed he worked for the Vietnamese mob that was trying to make inroads into the territory controlled by the Russian Mafia. The decedent was found with a gun with a silencer on it at the time of his death. The defendant testified he has never been a part of his father's organization, but decided early on in life to lead a law-abiding life. He claims he shot the man because he was there to kill him, as a message to his father from the Vietnamese mob. The police believe the defendant was part of the Russian Mafia at one time, but admit they do not have any evidence of his involvement in the last five years. The government is arguing for an eight year sentence to prison. The defendant's lawyer is arguing for a totally suspended sentence, arguing the defendant acted reasonably in killing the decedent before he killed the defendant.


What sentence do you impose and why?


CJA 384 Week 2 Discussion Questions 1

CJA 384 Week 2 Discussion Questions 2

CJA 384 Week 2 Discussion Questions 3

CJA/384 Week 2 Discussion Questions

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CJA 384 Week 3 DQ's




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