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Program Proposal

You have been asked to prepare a program proposal to implement a public-safety program, initiative, or agency that addresses a specific problem or need for your neighborhood. Choose a program, initiative, or agency that is applicable to your current or future employment.

While the ideal program proposal has nine elements, this assignment focuses on the following elements:

·                 Executive Summary

·                 Statement of Need

·                 Resolution Methodology (Goals/Objectives)

·                 Stakeholder Identification

·                 Supporting Documentation/Credentials

·                 Timeline

The word document below provides an outline/template and instructions for creating a program proposal. Although the Executive Summary is generally the last element to be written, for the purposes of this assignment prepare an Executive Summary for the elements required in this assignment. A part of the assignment in Unit 9 will provide you with an opportunity to update the Executive Summary to include information from the Budget, Budget Narrative, and Program Evaluation elements.

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