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1. Who should judge the judges? Discuss the benefits of merit selection of judges and also elections? What role should special interest play in selecting judges? Which system is best? How does Republican v. White (2002) as discussed in your textbook impact the system of selecting judges? 2. Brown v. Board of Education (1954) as discussed in your textbook declared the separate but equal doctrine unconstitutional in public education and fundamentally impacted American political and social life. Discuss one other area in which a case has had a legal controversy that resulted in social change and indicate the impact. Are cases that impact fundamental social rights best decided by courts or regulated by legislation? Support your reasoning. 3. Should the exclusionary rule be abolished? Why or Why not? (Remember, while the exclusionary rule is commonly associated with search and seizure of physical evidence, there are three distinct exclusionary rules). 4. The death penalty debate usually brings about three main issues – morality, deterrence, and fairness – which provides the best argument for abolishing the death penalty? Which one is the most persuasive for keeping the death penalty? Do you think the issue of innocents on death row justifies a moratorium on the death penalty? 5. Define the following and give an example: (1) plea bargaining(2) sentencing guidelines(3) sentencing discrimination(4) Miranda Rights(5)Grand Juries

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