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(CJ416) Week1 Assignment: Profiles of Violent Offenders

Victimology Class week 1 writing assignment discussing the different profiles of violent offenders. 

Overall grade 100%

Length 6 pages

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With little prior knowledge supporting actual reasoning’s of violent behaviors and tendencies, “the earliest bio-criminologists studied the shape of the head and the body, including facial features and bumps on the skull” in an effort to both determine and attempt to predetermine violent tendencies in humans. (Hickey, 2010, p. 53) With advancements in technology as well as the study of criminology, we can cognize that psychology and biochemical features of a person might very well support and/or deny an individual’s tendency to exhibit violent behaviors.

            As a result of studies and extensive research conducted by renowned criminologist and psychologists’, we can perceive significant differences as they pertain to psychological and biochemical theories of violent behavior. Psychologically, studies have availed the presence of psychological issues arguably being more prevalent in violent predators than those of us whom avoid violence; for example, though insanity pleas are attempted less than 1 percent of the time in criminal cases, and even fewer actually succeed with the use of this defense, psychologists have determined that “the most likely diagnosis of a mass murderers prior to killings were schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and/or severe depression disorders.” (Hickey, 2010, p. 59)

            Other psychological theories of violent behavioral tendencies encompass the understanding of a higher likelihood being present that the killer(s) in question have suffered from a history of mental illnesses; thus resulting in a decreased mental capacity that ultimately explicates, or substantiates th