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Based on your readings and research, in a 2 page paper and using APA style formatting, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the MacDonald Triad.

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Most of us can logically deduct that being nurtured as a child will most likely result in the healthy development and behaviors as adolescents into adulthood; for some whom might have been neglected or unable to receive the nurturing required to develop mentally in a healthy manner as children might be taken over by natural and instinctive survival-like behaviorisms. The MacDonald Triad is a beneficial tool to aid in the understanding of such developmental characteristics as they apply to the pros and cons of nurture vs. nature in child development.

            In respect to adopting specific, and socially acceptable or specific characteristics of violent offenders, the MacDonald Triad affords various definitions, behaviors and ideations of what might result respectively in serial killer or violent offender tendencies; unfortunately, without and available ‘cookie cutter’ type definition or ideation that places serial killers and violent offenders in a class of their own where they are separated from other non-violent individual’s, the MacDonald Triad also portrays how certain behaviors and tendencies can be applicable to both.

            The MacDonald Triad is understood to encompass a series of b