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CIS115 Week 6 Exercise1 & ilab


Assignment:  Arrays are incredible fun!  Today we are going to work on a program to keep track of our homework scores for a math class.  Write a program that accepts five homework scores as input values and stores them into a table (which is another name for an array).  Once the scores are in the array, we can process them again and again. 


First, load the scores in your array.  Second, display the contents of the array in order.  Third, displayarray in reverse order.  Fourth, calculate the average of the five scores entered in the array.  Finally, the algorithm should display all the homework scores in the array that are larger than the previously calculated average.  Make sure you use some output statements to clarify all the details you are displaying, being cautious about spelling and communicating to your user. 


Be sure to THINK about the logic and design first (IPO chart and or pseudocode), then code the Visual Logic command line processing.



When completed staple the following documents together neatly in 1,2,3,4 order:

1)      This instruction sheet first

2)      The IPO Chart, second

3)      The Pseudocode, third

4)      The Flowchartand output example last.

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