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From the first e-Activity, identify the specific manufacturer and model of one (1) magnetic disk, one (1) solid state drive, and one (1) optical drive. Evaluate the quality of each in terms of read and write speeds, access methods, storage capacity, longevity, and price. Recommend the device that would be the best suited for a home environment and the device that would be best suited for a business environment. Provide a rationale for your response.




Magnetic disk is a storage device on which data is stored on a magnetized medium. This type of storage media is a general term used for the family of storage devices which utilize magnetic material for storing digital information. Hard –disk drive (HDD) is a member of this family and the term HDD is interchangeably being used with magnetic disks.


The information on a HDD or magnetic disk can be accessed using read/write head(s). These read/write heads constantly move across the magnetic disks to perform desired action of read from the disk or writing to the disk.


Solid State Drive (SSD)

Also known as Solid State Disk or electronic disk is a storage device which uses integrated circuit (IC) for storing data.


SSD does not have any moving mechanism for accessing data stored in it. It utilizes NAND- based flash memory architecture to retain data even without power or to be known as a non-volatile memory.


Optical Drive popularly known as Optical Disc Drive (ODD) uses laser light or electromagnetic waves to read/write data on the optical discs commonly known as CD-ROM.




HDD/Magnetic Disk