CIS 512 Week 4 DQ - 96334

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• From the e-Activity, determine the type of cache memory (i.e., Level 1, Level 2, or another type) that resides on a computer that you own or on a computer that you would consider purchasing. Examine the primary manner in which the type of cache memory that you have identified interfaces with the CPU and memory on your computer. Determine which type of cache memory is the most efficient, and provide one (1) example that depicts the manner in which the use of one (1) type of cache memory makes your computer processing more efficient than another. Cache is actually a high speed access area, which is usually access by the user whenever the data is required immediately, then instead of searching the data again on the machine, the Cache memory is called up and the relevant data is used. The main types of cache are: 1. memory cache and 2. disk cache Memory cache is type of cache that