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Choose one of the following ontology topics on which to write a philosophical essay. Be sure to answer any question or questions found in the topic you choose. Follow the writing guidelines provided in this lesson.

Topic 1: What is the paradox of freedom? Which view best solves this paradox? (Be sure to list the premises of the paradox of freedom. Be sure to define what you mean by freedom.)

Topic 2: What is the problem of self-identity? Which is the correct solution to the problem of self identity? (Be sure that you solve the “Lexus problem” with your answer, even if your solution is to allow Smith not to pay for it. Also, it would be helpful for you to define identity in your answer.)

Topic 3: What is the nature of the mind? Which view correctly states its nature? (Feel free to insert your own view if you deem none in the book to be correct. Be sure to define all important terms.)

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