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Character, Dignity and Self Respect











The movie titled A Man for All seasons is a British Film which based on Robert Bolt’s play of same name in regards to Sir Thomas More.  A Man for All Seasons movie reflects the playwright Bolt’s portray of More as an ultimate man of conscience and who tends to remain true to his principles as well as religion under all circumstances (Bolt, 1996). Thomas as a character in the Movie, A man for all seasons presents dignity throughout the play. The philosophers Epictetus, Aristotle and Augustine had different views on humanity.  In philosophy, Epictetus’s philosophy is actually unfailingly positive. In moral views of Epictetus, all men have capacity for the virtue.  Epictetus analysis that God has given all means the means of becoming happy thus requiring steadfast character and the self-control.  Epictetus pointed out the kind of self-control which involves control of one’s sense and control of