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Challenges in the Global Business Environment

Business Environment

BUS475 Assignment 2




This paper summarizes Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct and responsibility information. This paper describes Apple position on empowering workers, labor and human rights, health and safety, the environment and accountability related to Supplier Code of Conduct.

Apple Supplier Code of Conduct

Apple believes in making complex things simple and designs new products those enrich people lives. The company is one of the biggest supply chains on the world. Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac contributes of more than a million people lives in the worldwide and employed the company’s and their hundreds of manufacturing partners. Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct is one of the toughest in the electronics industry and the company’s made it ever stronger through around 633 audits at multiple levels of supply chains and trained more than 1.5 million suppliers on their rights (Apple Inc, 2015). Apple believes that each supplier or workers have the right to safe and ethical working condition, so the company’s audit deep into their supply chain and maintain their suppliers’ accountability