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Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan:  Stage III

Student Name

DeVry University
















Table of Contents


Executive Summary. 3

Introduction. 4

Company Review.. 5

Business Analysis. 6

HRIS Type/Comparison. 8

HRIS Recommendation. 10

Conclusion. 11

References. 12























Executive Summary

Castle family restaurant is chain of family restaurant which is aimed to provide the effective services to its customer so that each and every feel satisfied after coming out from the Castle restaurant. Right now it is having plenty of restaurant and need effective HRIS (Human Resource information system) to manage the hum resource database and access it from anywhere.  HRIS system is aimed to provide the effective recruiting and hiring process. This system will include to store and access the job hunters resume and filter them out and select the most eligible resume from the plenty of resume so that only effective and eligible candidate would be called for the interview and further selection process. HRIS system will be used to manage the training program for each and every employee. It will store all the information like employees who got the training and who still need the training and whole

            Jay Morgan is also responsible for the payroll system and need to some concrete information system which will take care of payroll things so that any manual mismatch of the information or transaction can be avoided so definitely HRIS system is going to help the Jay Morgan and it will mitigate the risk of any manual errors.

            This is competitive era and each and everyone wants to take the advantage of by using the effective technology. HRIS system will give the value addition to the business so that any kind of organization can be stored and process in effective and timely manner to achieve the business competency in the market. Its implementation in the organization will improve the human resource practice, payroll practice and improve the business strategy as well. Whatever cost this system needs will be achieved as the ROI by mitigating the manual and procedural task. After implementing this system manual work will be reduced so cost of operation will be reduced.