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This paper was supposed to be a group project, but there was no participation with other group members so I was given permission by Prof. McKinney to submit this paper as an individual Project. This paper will show why the absence of accurate job information created a problem. It will also show what content should be in a job description for the human resource assistant to prevent future problems.


The absence of accurate job information created a problem because there was no written job description. In this case the job description was oral and had nothing to do with the tasks that were to be performed. Virginia was not hired to be receptionist, but was put into the role of relief receptionist. This in turn led to her having to cover whole days when the receptionist was ill. She felt the low-level tasks she was asked to perform did not compare with their degree of knowledge such as her college degree or management concepts. Virginia felt that her job was not significant and she did not feel this job was meaningful. This resulted in lack of motivation and dissatisfaction on Virginia's part.

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