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Case Studies

Case Study: Abby

Abby is a 13-year-old Caucasian female who was recently picked up by the police for running away. She lives in an upper middle class neighborhood with her mother and stepfather. She attends a great school, but her studies are lagging.

This is not the first time Abby has run away but it is the first time the police have found her. In the past her parents have found her and brought her home. When the police find her she is also under the influence of drugs and alcohol. She has been getting poor grades, has dropped out of all her extracurricular activities, and has become very withdrawn. When questioned by the police, she reports she ran away because her stepfather has been sexually abusing her for several years and she cannot take it anymore.

Case Study: Justin

Justin is a 16-year-old African-American boy. He lives in a poor neighborhood, comes from a broken home and the only bright spot in his life is school. He does very well when he attends. Attending is difficult for him as he has to take care of his siblings while his mom works a couple of jobs. He is starting to participate in gang activity to make money to help his mother financially. He was recently picked up by the police for stealing.

Case Study: Ryan

Ryan is a 14-year-old Hispanic teenager. He lives in a two parent home. They are middle class. His father engages in domestic violence against his mother frequently. He also has 2 brothers who also have issues with violence. He was recently arrested for assault at his school. He does not like school. The domestic violence is a secret in their home and has never been disclosed to his friends.

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