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Sower, V.E. (2011). Essentials of Quality. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Read Case Study 13.2 beginning on page 364 at the end of Chapter 13. Submit your response(s) in a 1-2 page paper in APA format.

  1. What objectives did BHI seek to accomplish through the introduction of SDWTs? Were these objectives accomplished?
  2.  Analyze the data in Figure 1 and present it in a way that best demonstrates the impact of the SDWT initiative.
  3. Discuss George and Shane’s approach to launching the SDWT initiative. How did they try to motivate the employees to accept the change?
  4. Discuss Shane’s approach to dealing with George’s demand that .he change the work order quantity back to five. What would be the impact on the team if Shane had lost the argument and had to change the work-order quantity back?

Case Study 13.2: Self Directed Work Teams at BHI

BA 430 Self Directed Work Teams at BHI

BA/430 Self Directed Work Teams at BHI

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