CASE STUDY 13.2: Self-Directed Work Teams at BHI - 21266

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1. What objectives did SHI seek to accomplish through the introduction of S DWTs? Were these objectives .accomplished?


2. Analyze the data in Figure 1 and present it in a way that best demonstrates the impact of the SDWT initiative.


3. Discuss George and Shane's approach to launching the SDWT initiative. How did they try to motivate the employees to accept the change?


4. Discuss Shane's approach to dealing with George's demand that .he change the work order quantity back to five. What would be the impact on the team if Shane had lost the argument and had to change the work-order quantity back?

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Shane was asked by George to cutting the productivity level down to five.  Shane was very adamant on that he was not going to comply with this task.  He told George that if the productivity did not rise within two weeks he would them comply with George’s demands.  Shane knew this was going to be hard but a needed task in order to save company moral and in the end jobs. With the launch of the SWDT in a meeting with the needed members of the machine shop and the plan would help aid in the support of clients and the manufacturing agencies. The motivation among the employees was crucial to the success of the SDWT, and thus the new logo “The Bearing Bears” was born.