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In the modern society, the rate at which technological advancements take place is very high. Organizations are experiencing very many technological challenges. Notably, in the business sector, the organizations have been tasked with the mandate to conduct cashless transactions. This is because the organizations have customers who prefer to use the credit cards and ATM cards instead of the cash. Therefore, the organizations have to install systems that are accommodating to the systems that are in place. The security systems are supposed to be protected to protect the customers at large. Primarily protecting the customers makes the organizations retain the customers and also gain customer loyalty. Therefore, companies have installed various malware detection systems which (Geers, 2011).

Malware detection systems are designed to detect various attempts to hack into the business servers and obtain data about the customers. Malware detection systems also act as a firewall against external extrusion by the malicious individuals. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that the organizations require a strong malware detection system. On a regular basis, the malware detection systems are provided by companies that are different from the purchasing companies. The companies, therefore, warn their customer companies of imminent attacks on their servers and any suspicious activities which might lead to intrusion. The companies are therefore expected to act according t