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Need  5 page APA paper. Cite any sources used.

Attached is information on Caron Furniture. Assess the information and put the following in the paper:


What are the strengths and weaknesses? What makes Caron different (better and worse) than its competitors? (You may have to consider any capabilities, core competencies, or sources of SCA as well). Remember that comparisons with key competitors, changes over time, internal standards, and industry averages are all ways of finding strengths and weaknesses. Further, financial statements are only one way of identifying strengths and weaknesses. Triangulate.


Use the 5 forces (KSF). Look for key factors/trends from the marcoenviroment (PEST)

Strategy and Strategic Proposal

Which generic strategy would you recommend for Caron?

Competitive premise (What should the firm’s competitive premise be? On what basis will the firm add value?)

Product Market Focus (What products should Caron be selling? To Whom? Is the current focus too broad? To which markets should the firm sell? Is this set feasible (can you justify it)?)

Business System Focus (What is the firm’s focus? Based on its core competencies, is such a focus appropriate?)

Goals (Business Level-The management of the firm has set a 26% annual growth goal. Is such a goal realistic? It may not be, but discard their goal at your peril. Should growth be the firm’s goal? How much growth is realistic?)

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