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Captain Edith Strong is a current watch commander in the city of Rogersville’s Field Operation Division; where she is a veteran working in law enforcement for 18 years. The city of Rogersville has a population of 101,000 individuals and the city is 65.4 square mile. Rogersville Field Operation Division mainly consisting of white men and every job is specific to every officer that goes by there own job classification systematically to do, the accurate of chain of command. Detouring from the job classification results in disciplinary conduct, more then likely a write up, the manpower in this division is at 58% in which they are responsible for 62% of the department’s workload. This division has a lieutenant that works as an assistant; there are three watch commanders who are also lieutenants, one sergeant for traffic that looks over six officers, a sergeant that works in a unit responsible for neighborhood police that looks over 10 officers, 71 patrol officers. Those officers’s assigned to special task has higher satisfaction and morale, because they are a