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Here is the information about the simulation explain the details supporting how the company results were obtained.
All of the results obtained from simulation, We worked as a team and each team members has a different role in the simulation. We were working individually but based on each team member`s decisions.  Once a week, we were coming together and discussing about the process. At the end of the simulation, after 8 rounds, we received our scores under dashboard. There are several kinds of reports such as industry report, debrief report, etc… I used all of them to answer the questions listed in task stream.
I will attach some reports at the end of the projects as a reference.  Any information I added in my work was obtained from the under my username of “…….’’.

I have already explained the competitive analysis below for each step and also defined each of the financial statistics, but I will add more information to support my work based on comments and why competitors performed better worse. Here is the financial statistics summary from the simulation:

When we compare competitors’ performance with ours, we see that we are number 3 with 18.6% in term of market Share percentage. There is only 2.9% difference with number1 and 1.2% with number two. These are very close percentage and we are almost same. Over

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