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Develop a policy regarding the three strikes laws in the State of
California. Address the following in your policy:

  • What alternatives would be placed in the law to give the state prosecutor
    more freedom to manipulate the third strike?
  • Many prosecutors “load up” charges against defendants to force a plea
    bargain. What can be done to limit or prevent this practice?
  • Will your policy allow multiple counts arising from the same incident to
    count as multiple strikes? (For instance, a man arrested for aggravated robbery
    because of the use of a weapon is charged with aggravated robbery and a felony
    gun possession charge. Should that count as 1 strike or 2?)
  • If one of the alternatives was supervised probation, how would you convince
    the public that it would be more cost-effective for the person to be supervised
    than incarcerated?
  • Show the public where you would be saving money by not incarcerating the
  • If brought up in the legislature to be an amendment to the law, could this
    be grandfathered in to help older inmates?
  • Could this have a backlash from the public, or would they approve? How? Why?


  • Once you are finished with the policy, draft an executive summary of the
    policy to be used for political decision making.


  • Use 6–10 scholarly resources to support the provisions of your policy.
    Dictionaries and encyclopedias are not scholarly sources. Look at federal and
    state legislation and court cases.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.
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