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International Crimes

Criminal activity is not bound by borders. Crimes such as illegal trafficking of drugs and humans, money laundering, piracy, mistreatment of prisoners of war, and terrorism occur across borders, and thus are considered international or transnational crimes. For instance, drugs might be cultivated and processed in one country and shipped and sold in another country. Similarly, a crop in one country might be processed and sold to fund terrorists in another country.

Advancements in technology, communications, and the world economy, along with the ease of traveling overseas, have led to an increase in these types of crimes. Therefore, it becomes challenging to secure suspects, witnesses, and evidence from multiple countries to prosecute and adjudicate an international crime. For example, if a criminal escapes to another country, the country whose laws were violated will need to request the second country to extradite the criminal to face charges. International criminal law deals with such international crimes. Violations of international criminal law may be prosecuted by any nation; war crimes are usually handled by a specialized multinational court or tribunal, such as the International Military Tribunals at Nuremberg, Germany, and Tokyo, Japan, after World War II, or the current International Criminal Court (ICC).

To prepare for this

Review the assigned pages of the article "Transnational Organized Crime: Principal Threats and U.S. Responses," and focus on the types of transnational crimes. Note that some of the resources use the terms "international crimes" and "transnational crimes" interchangeably.

Consider the definitions of and statutes concerning terrorism.

Review the article "International Crimes and Trials," and pay attention to the various international crimes and the challenges related to the difference in laws and criminal justice procedures across countries.

Review the article "Meeting the Challenge of Transnational Crime," and pay attention to the challenges related to addressing transnational crimes.

Using the Internet, select and research an example of a specific international crime.

Consider the jurisdiction- and enforcement-related challenges that arose in the international crime you selected.

With these thoughts in mind:

By Day 4 a description of an international crime. Then explain the jurisdiction- and enforcement-related challenges that arose in the international crime you chose. Be specific.

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