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1.      Choose one of these  products—chocolate bars or bottles of expensive perfume—and describe how marketers can apply their knowledge of the J.N.D. (Just Noticeable Difference)  to packaging, pricing, and promotional claims during periods of (a) rising ingredient and materials costs and (b) increasing competition.


You are a member of an advertising team assembled to develop a promotional campaign for a new digital camera. Develop three headlines for this campaign, each based on one of the levels in Maslow’s need hierarchy that can be used to segment the market and position the product.   Be sure to label each headline with the appropriate level and explain how your headline addresses that need.

Assume I have asked you to distribute a questionnaire to your classmates after they have taken their midterm to measure the emotional state they were in while taking the exam.
Your job is to: 

        (a)   Construct an 8 item PANAS scale using 4 positive and 4 negative scale items to measure your classmates emotions while having taken this BB mid-term exam.

(b) Do you think this is a good scale to use in this circumstance?  Why/Why not?