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Develop an original 20–30 minute lesson plan that you will teach.

1.  Under the instructional plan section of the lesson plan, provide specific information regarding instructions and role expectations.

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Lesson Title & Subject(s):  Butterfly or Moth?


Topic or Unit of Study:  Science:  Students will increase their understanding of patterns of nature, specifically how butterflies and moths have similar and different characteristics.  The students will be able to compare and contrast differences and similarities by using a venn diagram.  The students will work collaboratively with group roles to complete the diagram.


Grade/Level: 2nd Grade


Instructional Setting:  The classroom is a 2nd grade class.  There are 15-20 students with one teacher.  This lesson will take place inside the classroom using a variety of teaching styles.  The lesson will begin with classroom discussion then a mini lecture and ending with a cooperative group activity. 


STANDARDS AND OBJECTIVES:  Nature of Science, Content of Science and Application of Science.


Your State Core Curriculum/Student Achievement Standard(s):

SC.O.2.1.01 - interpret science as the human’s search for an understanding of the world by asking questions about themselves and their world.

SC.O.2.1.04 - demonstrate curiosity, initiative and creativity by observing, classifying, comparing and analyzing natural objects in the environment.

SC.O.2.2.01 - identify that plants and animals have different structures.

SC.O.2.3.05 - listen to and be tolerant of different viewpoints while working in collaborative gro