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Complete the following, placing it in a single Word document: It's time to look back at the Terminal Course Objectives (TCOs) in this course and assess what you have learned. In this course, you have considered ten TCOs focused on a variety of business law topics. How are these concepts relevant to the career path you are pursuing? How will they help you prepare for your career? Where do you see these fitting in your career? What did you learn that gave you new knowledge or perhaps changed your direction as a result? Prepare a 3–4-page, double-spaced paper reflecting on at least two TCOs that have given you new knowledge or perspective on the business world and your place in it.

The Common Law Tradition and Negligence. Given the historical framework of the common law, explain the common law tradition and its role in the development of negligence law, including the negligence liability of accountants.

The Constitution and Business. Given a law restricting commerce, identify the constitutional law issues raised and explain how the courts would resolve the issues according to the current state of the law.

Courts and Dispute Resolution. Given a lawsuit, explain the litigation process, starting with the selection of a court with proper jurisdiction, and moving through the basic steps leading to a resolution of the dispute.

Contracts. Given a scenario involving a contract, analyze the legal sufficiency of the offer, acceptance, and consideration, determine whether the contract is enforceable, and identify the remedies available to the nonbreaching party according to the current state of the law.

UCC Sale of Goods. Given a fact scenario, determine whether a valid contract has been formed in accordance with Article 2 (Sales) of the UCC.

Administrative Law. Given a scenario involving a government regulation and an enforcement proceeding, determine the standard required to comply with the regulation, possible bases for challenging the regulation, and the tests an appellate court would consider in evaluating an appeal from the agency's final decision.

Intellectual Property. Given a scenario involving intellectual property, identify the type(s) of intellectual property at issue and explain whether an infringement of rights has occurred, based on the current state of the law.

Cyberlaw. Given a scenario involving wrongful acts transmitted electronically or via the Internet, identify the relevant laws and explain their application.

Agency Law. Given a scenario involving a claim against an employer based on the conduct of an employee, identify the legal principle(s) upon which the claim is based and suggest a line of defense for the employer.

Business Organizations. Given a scenario involving the organization of a business, discuss the legal advantages and disadvantages of the various forms of organization and the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved.

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