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We will take example of a Computer maintenance company which employs 10 to 15 people. The main function of the company is to look at the maintenance of Computer peripherals and to deal in computers. The hierarchical organization of small Computer maintenance shop will be Owner, Manager, and Interns. The Owner is the main head of the Company who brings in the Capital to the firm and starts expanding it where ever he sets up the firm. He will be responsible to take Revenue related decisions of the firm. The next level down will be Managers who will work under the Owner and will assume all the responsibilities of the firm which is closely in line of Owner. The Manager will look after daily affairs of the firm. He/ She will have to be aggressive in terms of getting the revenues of the firm. They will have to meet the customers, dealers and negotiate the prices and set up client base for the same. The main task will be to keep up with Client’s expectations and increase the client base irrespective, also be consistent. They are the middle link between the Owner and the Interns / Engineers. The last level of the organization will be the Engineers who actually work on the machineries and strive themselves to give the best possible output to their clients. They are responsible to work o

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