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Garret medium sized party invitation company dominated the Kent, Washington over the past 40 years. The success of the company is ran by Garret Salmon.  Garrets Salmon have managed to create a successful store netting over 1.5 in sales over the last 2 years and increasing the cost over 3 percent. Salmon company produce and sells a variety of invitation styles at different price point including the “budget” invitations and the “high end” expensive paper products.

In the next two months, Salmon plans on handling the company over to Joan giving her complete control. Joan is a 35 year old single mother, a little retiring in her manner but very attractive. She is the daughter of Garret Salmon. Joan has never had a genuine leadership role within the company and has only been viewed as the “bosses daughter”.  Determined to succeed, Joan has compiled a list of actions required for her to accomplish her new vision for the organization. However, her father who is an extrovert still has passion for the company and jokingly says that he wants to go into “semi-retirement”. Joan must settle on a decision in respect to what she is going to do with the organization and what type of leader quality that needs to be established 

The history of the medium sized party invitatio