Business Leadership & Business Integration/Strategic Management Final Project - 39938

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The owners of XYZ Construction Inc. are nearly ready to proceed with their Initial Public Offering (IPO). The last remaining item that is needed is the strategic plan that pulls together all of the information that you have produced thus far along with the leadership and business integration requirements. Your final task for the owners group is to produce the required strategic plan.

For this sixth and final assignment, your requirement is to research and write in APA format a strategic plan that describes, discusses, and analyzes the elements of the strategic plan. Your essay should outline the goals and strategies for the operations of the company. Specifically, you must describe, discuss, and analyze the following components of the strategic plan:

a) Marketing 
b) Workforce and Operational Management 
c) Organizational Structure 
d) International Operations 
e) Financial and Accounting Management 
f) Compliance and Legal Considerations
g) Internal Control and Evaluation 
h) Information Technology
i) Leadership 

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Planning for business embodies all decision making activities, such as what business objectives to be adhered to, what actions to be taken to fulfil those objectives, etc. This sort of b