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1. Explain the “rule of law” as the basis for modern democratic capitalism. How is business impacted in countries where the rule of law does not prevail?  Explain by using an example of a country that is lawless compared to the U. S.




2. Describe the major approaches to ethical decision-making and clarify their understanding of which approach (or combination thereof) guides their ethical behavior. Provide an example of
one of these approaches as applied to a real-life decision that you have seen or experienced.

. Identify the “ideal” corporate code – the ideal set of ethical principles – and determine what a manager ought to do if a tension arises between his or her own business code and the
corporation’s code. What is an ethical leader’s role in this situation?

Analyze why individuals engage in unethical behavior and determine how best to insure compliance with a corporation’s ethical code.







5. Distinguish between what the market should and should not do with regards to the ethical provision of goods and services. Give an example and explain the impact of this decision on various stakeholders-primary and secondary.  Draw a stakeholder map to illustrate your example as was discussed and illustrated in one of our forum discussions.






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