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BUSI 438 FORUM 4 DISCUSSION After reading Week 8 materials from your custom text, choose a brand below OR choose one of your own and answer the questions for this forum. Brand Choices (some old brand names / some new brands): Casper Mattresses Airstream Trailers WOW Air Brooks Brothers John Deere 1. Describe your brand that you chose. What image do customers have of your brand? 2. If it is an older brand, how can you keep it relevant today? Discuss life cycle planning (renewal and revitalization strategies). If it is a new brand – what is your five year / ten year plan for this brand? 3. How do target customers perceive this brand image compared to that of the competition (brand positioning)? 4. What would be the best positioning approach (review Table 11.2 from your reading this week). 5. What new ‘disruptive idea’ do you have to offer this brand – pretend you are the new brand manager, what experiential marketing approach might you use to make this brand be talked about again (an opportunity for press / PR). You will have to research experiential marketing on your own to add to this discussion – but check out: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/best-experiential-marketing-campaigns 6. How could you integrate Christian values into the brand growth of this company? NOTE: MORE THAN ONE ANSWER POSTED CHOOSE ANY
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Question 1

I would choose the Brook Brothers, a luxurious and stylish modern clothing company for a classic family. This brand elicits images of design, style, comfort, and heritage among its customers. Additionally brings out an image of a modern American who loves original clothing with elegance and heritage designs. Thus, this brand targets the upper class in the society.

Question 2

Brooks Brothers is the US oldest men’s clothier where its origin dates in the fifteenth century. It has established itself properly in the US market hence would require the renewal and revitalization strategies. This will ensure the products remain in the growth stage and not enter the maturity stage. According to Nair & Sasi, (2018), this will include increasing sales promotion, improved product quality, adding new product features such as designs, and models. Additionally, the company can venture into new market segments and new distribution channels to penetrate new markets including overseas. Thus, the company could increase its promotional spending geared towards reaching a dominant market position. Besides, the firm should consider modifying the market, the products or the market mix.

Question 3

This brand positions itself as a high quality, luxurious brand targeting all members of the family. This way they produce clothing for the children and adults of all genders. However, this positioning has a negative implication on the eyes of low and middle-class people. While the company intends to keep its profits high, it excludes the lower-income persons. This affects their total sales as the lower and middle-income people do not afford this brand yet they represent a bigger proportion of the population.

Question 4

The brand should review its positioning approach to reach all sections of the population thereby increasing its sales. The product should be designed in such a way that the pricing and usage do not target only the higher income earners. The brand should come up with different categories of products for different people to appear all-inclusive and eventually drive up its sales. This will make the product relevant to all sections of the market.

Question 5

According to Fordyce, (2018), the current landscape of technology requires a person to utilize technology to differentiate their products from their competitors. For example, I would organize an event where celebrities, politicians and other personalities are present and would enjoy cool music, drinks, and access to the internet. The potential customers would be allowed to experience the feel and quality of the new products especially the luxurious cotton shirts. Besides, they would be able to order them immediately out of the experience. They could find other available products with images and descriptions, which they can order and have them delivered at their comfort. This comfort and smooth customer experience will keep the brand popular among its customers.

Question 6

According to 1Peter 2: 9, God has chosen his own race, which is from the lineage