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"Evaluate an Experience" Please respond to the following:

·         From the e-Activity, analyze the importance of production planning and scheduling within an organization. Evaluate a bad experience you have had with an appointment from both perspectives of the customer (you) and the organization due to inefficient planning and scheduling. 


·         Analyze the experience you provided in Part 1 of this discussion from a technical perspective and an intangible perspective. Suggest ways the schedules could have been created more efficient and effective. 

"Balloons Aloha" Please respond to the following:

·         From the case study, suggest short-term recommendations for the set of six jobs at the company. Support your recommendations.


·         From the case study, evaluate the efficiency of Balloons Aloha’s sequencing system. Provide long-term recommendations with respect to sequencing jobs at the company. Support your recommendations. 

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