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Referring to a Revenue Management System (RMS), which of the following is not a component?

An organization that would typically use a revenue management system is

The long-term capacity expansion strategy that can be called a capacity straddle strategy is

For a non-bottleneck activity,

Revenue Management Systems (RMS)

According to the Theory of Constraints, ____ is the amount of money generated per time period through actual sales.

A focused factory is least likely to focus on

The capacity expansion approach that provides the most safety capacity is

An entity in which idle capacity exists is called a ____.

Which of the following is a short-term capacity decision?

In service organizations, capacity is more often viewed as ____

All the following are means to manage capacity by shifting and stimulating demand except

C&M Machining is developing plans for a dedicated production line and needs to determine how many drill presses will be needed. Engineering estimates are that one drill press will be able to process 120 parts per hour. Daily demand is 2,400 parts. C&M operates one 8 hour shift per day. How many drill presses are needed to meet the capacity requirements?

Safety capacity or a capacity cushion is

Which of the following is not a key consideration in long-term capacity strategy?

Repeatable periods of ups and downs over short periods of time are called ____.

An R2 of 0.80 means

All of the following are important concepts in forecasting except

A tracking signal provides a method for quantifying forecast

A group of international experts published a set of principles of forecasting that includes all of the following except

Regression analysis

All of the following are important in choosing a forecasting method except

____ forecasts are needed to plan for facility expansion.

The forecasting error measurement that is different in that the measurement scale factor is eliminated is

Which of the following does not fit with the Delphi method?

If actual demand for a product is highly influenced by only random variation, the quantitative technique to use for forecasting demand is

A(n) ____ is a one-time variation that is explainable.

Which is not true regarding simple exponential smoothing?

____ forecasts are needed for planning production schedules and to assign workers to jobs.


Which of the following is not a valid approach to gathering data for judgmental forecasting?

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