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To improve system reliability, one option is to

Objectives of service guarantees include all of the following except

In design specification terminology, permissible variation is called

Taguchi’s loss function is most closely associated with

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) starts with

The fundamental planning tool used to implement Quality Function Deployment is the

The process by which a model is constructed to test a good's physical properties or use under actual operating conditions is called

Which of the following is not supported by Japan's Genichi Taguchi?

High customer contact systems would most commonly be found in ____.

A system design consisting of several parallel components that function independently of each other and where the system fails only if all the parallel components fail is an example of

Which of the following is not a principal issue in service encounter design?

Which of the following steps is not the same for both goods and services?

Which of the following is not an important element of reliability definition?

Which of the following is not included in a failure-mode-and-effects analysis (FMEA)?

The final step in using the House of Quality involves identifying those technical features that meet any of the following criteria except

Which of the following is not a major activity in designing a goods-producing or service-providing process?

The work activity that effectively limits throughput of a process is called a ____.

The lowest resource utilization is usually found in

Which of the following is least related to Value Stream Mapping?

What type of process would a paper mill most likely use?

Automobile factories and hospital laboratory work are examples of

____ offer customers broad freedom to select the pathways that are best suited for their immediate needs and wants from many possible pathways through the service delivery system.

The average number of entities completed per unit time -- the output rate -- from a process is called ____.

Which is the correct order of hierarchy?

The terms, "general purpose equipment," "flexible and capable of customizing work" and "wide variety of goods or services" best relate to

Ships, weddings and estate planning are examples of ____ goods and services

Transferring material between two non-adjacent workstations, waiting for service and requiring multiple approvals are examples of

During which phase of a product's life cycle does low unit cost become a top competitive priority?

Little's Law


A manufacturing firm that produces a standardized product, not made of discrete parts, with little-to-no customization, with high demand, is most likely to use this type of process.

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